I’ve spent countless nights falling asleep with tears in my eyes. I remember crying because I was living as a failure. I failed my family, friends, and my ex-girlfriend. Inside of me there was a war going on and I almost lost. I almost failed the most important person; myself. I say almost because I didn’t but I came close. Every night I flirted with death.

the following is how I overcame depression.

It is very rare that someone truly believes in you, if you don’t believe in yourself first. You have to believe in yourself first for anyone to believe on you. You are of incredible worth, but no one is going to find gold and come to your door ready to hand it over. You have to excavate yourself to find the value hidden inside of your being. You have to invest in yourself.

what do you mean?

When I say invest in yourself I mean you purposely have to do things that improve your life. I chose to focus on improving three very different areas of my life in order to overcome depression.

health and fitness.

Being a lonely, depressed, and heartbroken 20 year old; my physical appearance was the first part of my life I wanted to improve. I started going to the gym religiously. For some reason, the pain I felt in my emotions was so deep that the physical pain of exercising didn’t bother me. I quickly produced some results and it became like therapy to me. I left all of my pain and agony on those weights. With every lift I performed it was like a release of sadness and hurt. I became an addict to improvement because I learned that improvement is what took me out of depression.

“i can improve, i am not broken”.

the mind and the brain.

Learning that it was possible to improve was huge for me. Everyone hears about improvement but never did I think I could improve. My curiosity and determination helped me to improve in other areas. One of those areas was my mind. Once I learned how to control my mind my depression no longer had a hold of me. It was at this point I knew I won! I have learned that the mind and the brain are two different tools and serve different purposes. The mind us used to deal with your emotions and feelings. Your brain uses memory and calculation to find a solution to a problem. If you mix the two up you start making decisions out of pure emotion and no logic. Sound familiar? All those lies you told your self “I’m not good enough”, “I’m to weak”, “I’m not worth anything”. This is your brain trying to find a solution to your problem without you having control of your emotions. Your brain is trying to calculate a solution using your past for your future, but how can it find a reasonable solution when your mind is telling you “your a piece of SH@T”! You have to control your mind. Once you have control of your mind (emotions and feelings) you can come up with a reasonable solution to solve your problem.


My mind is very deep and as result I am a very creative person. Before I began investing in myself I had all of these ideas but no way of making them come alive. I saw the problem so I learned to use programs like the Adobe Creative Cloud. I have always wanted to help people with my experience and with the skills I have obtained through my investments I can now effectively do that. Helping people come out of their depression and just helping people improve their life in general, keeps me going. My creativity is what ties the knot around my personal development package.

if i can do it so can you!

I’m supposed to be dead. I’m not supposed to be here sharing my story with you. No one believed in me, I had to believe in myself in order to do what I am doing now. Like I said, no one is going to find gold and come to your door ready to hand it over. You have to look for the value that is inside of you and show it to the world. If I can do it, you can definitely do it to!